Hopefully this blip is temporary and will be fixed soon.

The irc.starchat.net hostname isn't resolving to its numerical IP address, and this is stopping folks from signing into AW chat.

Chatters who had already signed in before this problem surfaced today are unaffected -- unless they ping or otherwise get disconnected, in which case they can't automatically rejoin. Software will try to connect to irc.starchat.net but the name server (?) can't find this.

I noticed in my IceChat Console info window that when I signed in this morning, irc.starchat.net resolved to (the first line at the top of this window said [05:49] -irc.starchat.net- *** Attempting to connect to irc.starchat.net ( on port 6667)

I was already signed in using IceChat, but I also have Chatzilla installed as a backup, with a backup nick and password ready.

So I fired up Chatzilla and saw an error right away (Unknown host “irc.starchat.net” connecting to irc://irc.starchat.net/ (irc://irc.starchat.net/). [Help] Reconnecting in 15 seconds. [Cancel]).

I hit Cancel to stop this, and manually entered /server

And this connected me to the Starchat chat server.

I have Chatzilla configured to remember my nickname and password so I was signed in automatically without having to manually enter /nick mynick mypassword

I manually entered /join #absolutewrite and there I was in AW chat.