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Thanks for engaging with us Pisco. We definitely know it is hard starting out and no matter what, a book is still an achievement regardless of how it is published.

I just hope that ACP doesn't come across as dishonest or bad business. I'm just trying to learn and grow and do what I love. Jordan was able to quit his day job and focus 100% on Felony Books and its authors. I think in a lot of ways he is a model for where Sarah and even me to some regard want to see Ant Colony. Maybe it doesn't fit a mold, maybe it feels wrong to more seasoned authors, but I'd like to think that we will maintain our transparency and integrity throughout the process. Hoping we can learn lessons from places like Jolly Fish, etc. who fell into some bad situations that caused a lot of anguish for their authors.

Anyways. I guess I am just trying to say thanks, its given us something to think about.
Now that you're here, do take some time to explore the rest of the site. There are dozens of subforums for discussing writing, research, and publishing. AW also has a password-protected critique area. (You need 50 posts before you can request a critique there, but it's also useful to critique others' works, and read what others have to say. I've learned a lot that way.)