Good morning all,
I was a member of a group like this YEARS ago when I was writing fanfiction I recently decided to dust off an old novel that I started writing *forever* ago. To get back in the groove, the first thing I googled was "forum for writers to ask questions" ... and here I am.

I am incredibly rusty. All I've written in the last 4 years are academic essays, SEO, and copy writing!! So I am both desperate to get creative again, and feeling very foggy. I've set myself a goal to finish my half-written novel in a month, or at least have something solid to show for my efforts even if it's rough. I'm wondering if a writing prompt blog/ flash fiction sort of thing would be a good place to start... but for now am just re-reading my old novel and seeing what needs to be done.

About me= I'm 42 (no idea when that happened), a single parent with two boys. I live in Australia. I've travelled a bit throughout the east-coast of Aust as well as having lived in the Northern Territory (also travelled Europe a bit particularly around Greece/Italy/Great Britain etc). I'm finishing a degree in archaeology before moving on to honours next year. I love martial arts, camping, and am a bit of a computer gamer. My reading preferences are for Sci Fi/Fantasy, crime or mystery, and lesbian romance.

Looking forward to chatting and drawing inspiration from you all