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Thread: Finally decided to join up.

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    Norse mythology is interesting. I bet its complicated too haha. I played a PlayStation 4/PC game last year that had lots of Nordic and Celtic mythology in it. Fairly sure its accurate: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, which came out August 8th of last year. If you've never heard of it, it's about a Celtic warrior, Senua, who embarks on a journey into the land that was destroyed by Nords to find the soul of her husband, as well as dealing with hallucinations, mental illness, and psychosis. Its an amazing, simple, and visually intense game. It later won three Game Awards, from The Game Awards, for Best Indie title (classified as a AAA indie - developed by a small team, a small budget, but the visuals and gameplay of a triple A game), Most Socially Impactful, and Best Performance by an actor or actress. Its won other awards in the past couple months too. Absolutely one of the most unique and powerful indie games I've ever played, and I don't play that many indie games.
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