Good morning from Austin, Texas!

I'm a 30-something book lover and aspiring writer. I'm currently focusing on short stories and flash fiction in order to improve my craft. Eventually I'd like to write a book. I write magical realism, suspense, and a sort of sci-fi-realism blend (I've been calling it surrealism in my head). I've had two flash fiction stories posted on online magazines, and I'm just trying to figure this out as I go!

The other main thing about me is that I'm very introverted. I'm hoping that joining an online writing community will help me get out there and learn and communicate with other writers.

I also love to jog, see movies, eat good food, and drink semi-good-but-affordable wine. My husband is trying to teach me to cook but mostly I just want to read while he cooks...

Thank you for reading and I hope I can make a good contribution to the forum!