This is my 12th year as a full-time freelance writer and if you have the passion, a career is definitely out there for you. I have been above six figures for the past five years and my worst year ever was around $34k. Compare that to getting a 9-5 job straight out of college and it's a similar career track either way, except that the job gives you health insurance and two weeks vacation. As a freelance writer though, you're free to travel 52 weeks a year since you can work from anywhere- I've had some amazing, amazing vacations with my kids that I never would have been able to take with a job.

The other thing to consider is that as a freelance writer, nobody is babysitting you. Your day is wide open so you could get up at 8AM or noon. You could work early, late or not at all. You could take one day off per week or six.......they're all your decisions. And for the average person, it's EXTREMELY tough to get an awesome paycheck one afternoon and then get out of bed to write the next day. You'll naturally have ups and downs as well so time and money management is crucial.

For instance, December 2016 I earned over $14k for the month, so we had an awesome Christmas and I drastically overspent. Then comes January (always my slowest month), I brought in $2200 and struggled to pay my bills. So it's not all roses and cherries; you have to take the good with the bad.