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Thread: Finding Plot holes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enlightened View Post
    You might have an issue with finding readers/buyers. If YA demands characters from 14-18, MG younger, and such, you will be changing POV/viewpoint with the change in MC. Lots of fun Qs for agents/editors/publishers.... Who will buy the latter books? Will the readers of the first three continue with the latter three (if your change viewpoint, to suit the new MC)?

    I had to re-work my series plans to fit these issues. These matters are addressed in Sanderson videos.
    I've set the series up so both main characters are the same age when their phases start. So if MC #1 in Book 1-3 is 18, then MC #2 is 17 or 18 in Book #4-6. If worse comes to worse, I'll separate the series and both will be considered their own series. Just with interlinking stuff. They're also written as separate series. You don't need to read series #1 to understand #2. At best, one or two characters from series #1 will be cameo's in #2 if necessary. I've tried to keep them separate and yet connected at the same time.

    I will take these things into account!
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