The bus accident happened Saturday evening (10 Feb), around 6pm.

According to a passenger (who survived with minor bruising, but understandably shaken), the bus captain was driving too fast.
Another passenger (minor bruising, no serious injuries) helped rescue those who could walk.

Preliminary investigations stated that the bus captain had previously driven that route, but had switched to a different one. Police arrested the bus captain on charges of dangerous driving causing injury, and dangerous driving causing death. However, the follow-up reports state that a charge of manslaughter is being considered. The bus captain had also previously been found guilty of careless driving and had had points deducted from his bus license.

Apparently, this is the worst bus accident in HK's history since 2003.


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Btw, it seems something like this happens in certain years just prior to the Chinese New Year. What causes it apart from carelessness, crappy attitudes, and a host of other tangible factors? Who knows. But HK's history extends far back, beyond the time it was ever a colony.

(Um... no, I wasn't on that bus, but I know approximately where the accident took place.)