I think sarcasm can make a character unsympathetic; i.e. if they do it too much, reader's may get turned off. It can be read as the victim of the sarcasm is deemed inferior, or the reader, in the reader's mind, may be deemed inferior if they do not understand what was said (directly from the author).

Know your audience, be judicious with it, and craft your words carefully.

There's a YouTube user (ashens). He's rather intelligent. He has a doctorate in psychology. He is a comedian, game reviewer, food taster, and what not. His remarks are very witty at times, and unscripted. He once called desiccated potatoes (in a microwavable cup to be rehydrated with water) "allegorical potatoes." Something symbolic of potatoes. This example is snarky and sarcastic. It can turn viewers (or readers for authors) off if they do not know what he means. This can be off-putting for some viewers/readers, as if their intelligence is scoffed at if they do not understand the meaning of the humor.

If you are not comfortable with it, be very careful how you use it.