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I grew up in New York. Sarcasm is everyone's second language there. Later I moved to northern CA, and I have to be realllllly careful how I use it because my strain of sarcasm can be off-putting to the lovely hippiefolk.

I've noticed there are different types of sarcasm in the world. My friends in NY used to be really mean to each other under the guise of sarcasm. We'd aim for the throat and roast each other. I can be really mean if I want to, but I only whip that out on people I love the most. To me, it's like saying, "We are so close that I know your deepest darkest insecurities and I love you so much that I can use that as a weapon against you in a very safe and controlled way." In New York, my friends and I did it as love. Which made my parents really confused at to why I hang out with people like that.

I've noticed that if I unleash the personal-insulting-sacrasm towards some of my friends in CA, it can sometimes be too much. I try to tone it down and instead of commenting on people's most sensitive spots, I try to stick with more general things. Still the same observances, just targeted towards a general thing instead of an individual person. It's kind of like porn...it's hard to explain this concept, but I know it when I see it.

I think the easiest type of sarcasm is the "opposite" type. Find something your character dislikes and make them say they like it. Harlequin gave the best advice: best way to learn it is to get infected. You'll start seeing the different stages once you start using it.
I lived in NY for a few years, and I’ve been in the Navy for 6 years. We ROAST each other in the Navy. Way worse than anything I ever heard as a civilian. Lately I’ve been hanging out with more civilians through church and another site that is unrelated to writing, and I have noticed that even comments that are very light by Navy standards come across as blasting to them. I have to be really careful, because the kind of stuff we say to each other on the ship would get you in a lot of trouble in the “real” world. Totally get where you’re coming from there. Also makes me not want to use sarcasm in my writing for that same reason.