Hello all. Allow myself to introduce...myself

I'm Konstantine, and I've been writing for 30 years or more, plus I read a book a week in varying genres, but mostly fantasy, sci-fi and historical fiction (but can be anything). I'm not published at all and really have had no desire to be. I write purely for the joy/heartache of it all (as I own my own business, writing gives me that much needed escape). However, I printed out one of my stories the other week (because my eyesight is getting a little worse for wear looking at the computer screen all day and I now need to read the printed page to correct/edit stuff) and my 17 year old daughter got hold of it. She read it--actually devoured it--and said she loved it so much that I HAD to do something to get my story out there. Of course, a 'raving' critique from a family member isn't exactly any encouragement, but nice.

So here I am...

Looking for advice, hints and tips and all that to see if what I have actually put on paper is worth something.

Anyway...Hello all