I've been getting some decent traction in the last 6 months or so (since AC Crispin and a few others reblogged me a while back). I've had some other writers ask a few questions and I like to often crowd source responses. (Please leave me a link and your author name, too... if I use your advice/answers to the questions I'll make sure to mention you and post the link.)

Here's the topic: What marketing tactic that you utilized makes you feel like a title has gained you the most book sales? What would you use again with your next book? (What worked for you and what has not?)

Follow up questions: What marketing/promo tactics would you use to push a book that has been out for at least a year already?

(Thanks for the responses... I'll post an article with comments on this late March/early April over at https://authorchristopherdschmitz.wordpress.com/)