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These stories resonate with the man and woman in the street in ways stories about the environment, racial grievance, gender equality and other weightier matter do not. It's why liberals win debates and conservatives win elections.
The issues the liberals have gotten some traction on are emotional in nature too--the frustration of not being able to marry one's love, the horrors of facing deportation from the only country you've ever known, the terror Black Americans feel when confronted by police officers, and most recently, the #metoo movement, which taps into the collective frustration of women faced with sexual harassment and assault in their professions.

Pretty much every issue that matters to liberals has an emotional component. The question is how to get those emotions to resonate with more people. I'm guilty as any liberal of trying to appeal to logic and reason in arguments. It's how I was raised and trained professionally, and it feels like the moral high ground to me in many cases. There is a place for cold, hard facts and data. But there's a place for feelings too. The question is how to beat the Right at their own game there without falling prey to tactics that Colbert jokingly called "truthier."