Being at a writing conference doesn't mean professional validation. Some conferences are desperate for guests and speakers and will take anyone. There's one coming up with Lani Sarem as a guest speaker talking about how she got on the NYTimes bestseller list. She denies gaming the system, which is indeed what she did for her mediocre book. Her end game is to get it into production as a movie with herself as the star.

Good luck with that.

A local convention in my area allowed in a small press e-publisher as a pity favor. Her books are either her own dismal efforts with bad covers or reprints of public domain works. She's allowed to help the staff with children's programming, but they won't let her near any publishing panels.

As for this place, they want money for services and I am underwhelmed by the three covers they display. Those might be the choice of the authors, though. It seems to be a publishing services business, not an actual publisher. For what they are charging for those covers, I would avoid 'em.

They're not offering anything a smart indie writer cannot do for herself with a bit of research.