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Thread: Interesting Character Quirks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AliceL View Post
    I see where you're coming from.For me I'm pretty much the opposite. There's something fun and exciting about coming up with a fictional personal and seeing how deep the rabbit hole goes so to speak with their various hangups, flaws, and behaviors.
    Oh, I enjoy going down the rabbit hole. I start by daydreaming about the character and visualizing a scene or two. Then, if I get pulled in, I start writing those scenes and fall down the rabbit hole that way.

    As long as I can shut out those nagging voices that keep whispering that there's nothing unique about this story and no one will possibly find these characters as appealing as I do.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Urban Spaceman View Post
    In short or flash fiction, where it's necessary to quickly establish the identity of two or three characters who're only going to be around for a couple of thousand words, I could integrate eccentricities more easily if the story called for it without running the risk of them becoming repetitive and tedious. Hell, you could probably use most of those quirks as flash-fiction prompts.
    This is a good point. I was thinking in terms of writing novels as well. For short fiction, especially very short short fiction, the situation might be different. It could be fun to use random character quirks as story prompts to see where it takes you.
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