Wasn't sure where to post this. I'm just all a puddle of mess at the moment.

The hardest thing isn't writing the novel, or editing the novel, or writing the synopsis, or writing the query letter, or submitting to your agent, or signing the contract with your agent, or realizing your agent has placed your full with 8 top publishers. It's what happens AFTER all this.

In the fall my agent approached me and asked if I had anything ready because a certain publisher was asking her if she had anything he could see. I described 3 of my WIPs to her and said, "I can have one of them done in a week or so and then we can go over it together and polish and edit and have it submission ready in a couple of weeks." So she said, "Okay...I love the sound of this one."

So I went to the cottage and wrote for 24-48-72 hours, or whatever. I went from having 6 chapters completed and polished to having a full novel...in just over a week-ish. And I was so happy she asked for this one, because it was the novel of my heart. I started it in 2014 after completing the pilgrimage of Camino de Santiago. Breakfast Club meets the Camino de Santiago. The elevator pitch line alone is what sold my agent on the idea. SO....boom. Novel, ready. Then we took about a month to get it just right because she really loved it but wanted as close to perfect as she could get.

So she submitted it as a full, after requests, to 8 publishers.

WELL-----this week, we heard back from the first DECLINERS. THIS IS THE HARD PART. This novel is my everything. This is the one for me. And I have had 2 rejections this week. What a way to celebrate a Monday with two rejections in the morning. Before coffee. Anyway...long story short------TOO LATE. I'm here, rejected...just asking for one of these publishers to love my Camino novel as much as my agent and I love it. I could use a Kumbaya or seven!

Kevin, rejected but hopeful.