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As far as popularity, the NYT Bestseller list for this week tells a pretty compelling story of both genre and non-genre books being popular: https://www.nytimes.com/books/best-s...ult-hardcover/
[sidenote] That list is an argument against loglines for novels. The descriptions sound like TV guide program lists:
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The team travels to New Jersey where several people have been poisoned with LSD

NCIS Special Agent Jacqueline Sloane, a forensic psychologist, joins the team just as a horrific storm shuts down Washington, D.C.

Bull hires an eccentric attorney to represent him when a celebrity sues him after his advice regarding her custody case backfires

Phil and Claire assume their alter egos, Clive and Juliana, for another Valentine's Day rendezvous. Meanwhile, Jay's surprise for Gloria encounters one obstacle after another; and Cameron and Mitchell dispute an admirer's intentions...