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Thread: Seriously doubting my ability...

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    Seriously doubting my ability...

    Thoughts on writing my memoir.

    What makes my memoir difficult to write is perhaps there is no other memoir quite like mine to emulate from. Not that I need to formulate my story to another. Because, believe me when I say this, not many can say to have lived a surreal life like mine. I realize we are all unique, but my story is a new level of unique. And though others have lived bordering on the surreal, not many have written in the frame of memoir.

    Blending the surreal, improbabilistic nature of synchronicity and certain psychic phenomena, anomalous experience, touched with a modicum of insanity and hopefully balanced with more than a dose of skepticism bares an almost impossible task.

    How can I start this? I have the experiences already written, but to craft it into a coherent piece, one in which I hope many readers will delve with all their minds and hearts almost seems impossible to me at this point.

    When actively symptomatic with my various afflictions it can be difficult to put one foot in front of the other on any given day much less create what I hope one day will be known as a work of art. How do I blend present, past, and possibly a future past?

    Do I have the skill to write such a work? Why does this memoir seem to be beckoning me to write yet I feel such a strong resistance? Must I wait until I’m healed to write? In such a case I may never reach my potential and goal. I think I have the ability, yet it seems elusive.

    For instance, I just wrote this both organically and with spontaneity, without hesitation. It’s not a bad piece I think. I’m seriously doubting my ability to write anything. My thinking is so fragmented at times I’m surprised I can manage a properly structured three word sentence much less a memoir that readers will want to pursue.

    Can anyone recommend memoirs for me to read?
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    Alienus Tempus - A Memoir in Progress

    WIP - Alienus Tempus - The Memoir

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