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Thread: Writing Goals Per Week?

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    I don't know what you mean by council ... but I'll respond to this since I just recently got back into my writing from taking a very long break.

    I told myself that I wanted to finish a current project/novel of mine which I had been working on for many years off and on. So, I decided, the other day, to try and find some critique partners, to help me along and give myself goals. I don't care if they read my chapter or not, now mind you, I asked for critique partners on a subreddit and who are known to be unreliable with actually "reading" what you give them. What I care about is passing to them completed chapters. So I know if I don't have chapter 5, I better write it because it needs to be critiqued.

    But I broke this concept the other day, because I need to rework chapter 1, so I have been focusing on some elements of that.
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