One of the rumors PublishAmerica likes to float around is that all the people who speak out against PA are just disgruntled writers who were rejected by PA, or whose books failed because they didn't do enough promotion.

That's not reality at all, and Old Hack suggested that we should collect here posts/quotes from publishing professionals who have no "relationship" to PA, so people can see that the publishing industry is strongly opposed to PublishAmerica's misleading tactics.

So, let's keep this a very focused thread.

Here's what belongs in it:

-Short comments from professional writers, editors, and agents about why they oppose PA, and a statement to the effect of "I never submitted a manuscript to PA."

-Quotes (with links) from websites of pro writers, editors, and agents to that same effect.

No commentary in this thread, please. Use rep comments or PMs to comment, or comment in the NEPAT Overflow. This thread's strictly business. Thanks!