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Like in my main story I'm writing now there's a big chunk of important exposition in chapter 5 that I've already written but hate, and whenever I try to go back and edit it I just can't think of anything to make it not suck. So instead of just staring at that bit I move to scenes immediately after and work on those until my creative juices become unclogged.
This, reiterated for emphasis. I had to learn to do this, but it was a valuable lesson. The learning came about, I think, through the back-door of writing academic papers, which tend to be assembled in bits and pieces, and almost never written in the order they wind up in. From many threads that get posted here, I opine that the most common reason for blockage seems to be an obsession with the faux-necessity to write strictly from beginning-to-end. Some times that works for me. Some times it doesn't, and it's important for me to recognize when it doesn't, and I'm getting hung up because it doesn't.