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Thread: Anyone Indie publish their MG? (Self or Small Press)

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    I am writing YA books and Indie publishing them, and my best friend (who isn't here because she doesn't speak English) Indie published all her children stories (7 books single author, 5 under a collective of authors), meant for children 6-10 years old (not sure how it spreads in English terms, if MG or not, for us it's primary school). Her publisher has physical copies available to order online and also in a couple of bookstores.

    For her latest one, I wrote on the 4-th cover. She isn't the type to do much advertising (except radio and TV shows and showing the books on FB, with the link to the online request), but the publisher had sold 1,000 copies or more of each of her books (except the barely launched latest one).

    Notes: in our country having book launching in schools is prohibited by School Inspectorate order, and also there are no agents - an American agent's job is done by the publisher.
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