Hey friends!
I just got the word that two of my books are finalists for the Christian Indie Awards. It'd be awesome if you guys could give me a vote and any kind of social media traffic (I'd be more than happy to do a blog interview). They run a publishing blog that is one of the top blogs that I encourage people to follow. The voting website is http://www.christianpublishers.net/18votes/ and voting is only open through February.
My humor book, John in the John, is in the Devotional section (about halfway down). Also, my other book is the last entry on the page before the submit votes button, a nonfiction book titled Why Your Pastor Left (which is near and dear to my heart) and has some good reviews, being out for a little while now: give it a look over at Amazon.

You can check out John in the John at Amazon as well and if you want, I have an automated system that sends out one reading every day from the book (plus extras.) Check it out here http://eepurl.com/c51Cxv