The Words Without Borders Twelfth International Graphic Novels special edition is now out.

Our twelfth graphic novel issue presents work by writers and authors grappling with a range of social and political concerns. Although the art may be in black and white, the topics are anything but, as writers here look to both the future and the past to shed light on current events. Jean-Pierre Filiu and David B. challenge the official narrative of the US involvement in Iraq. Hannele Mikaela Taivassalo and Catherine Anyango reveal the dark side of a perfect world. Davide Reviati listens in on Italian villagers slamming Roma immigrants. In our first graphic piece from the Czech Republic, Lucie Lomová stages a theatrical mystery. And Barbara Yelin and Thomas von Steinaecker show a young German physicist finding the formula for success in a sexist field. Elsewhere, we showcase new writing from Latvia, and present the third and final installment of our radio drama series.
The February 2018 issue also includes:

Latvia: A Small Country with a Big Literature

Book Review:
Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay’s “Abandon,” a destitute woman’s desire to write clashes with motherhood.

The Quarry, by Jana Egle: "A young boy adapts to living with his grandmother and learns the ripple effect of his actions in Latvian author Jana Egle's tale on youth, loss, and shame."

Lynn, by Alise Redviņa: "A socially awkward office worker searches for true love."

Three Weddings and a Funeral, by Sven Kuzmins: "The absurd toils of a depressive wedding musician."

Forgetting and Home, two poems by Arvis Viguls.