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Thread: February Challenge - Write Every Day!

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    Seashell Seller Layla Nahar's Avatar
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    Feb 2007
    Hi Nik - congrats on the 634 especially after a crash (I might seem like I'm on top of things but, boy, when I was up that life tree with the fire and the wolves and everything… what you're seeing now is Layla's recovery phase)

    Lakey - yeah, you're right! & I have benefited so much from the feeling of being encouraged that you get here. I really like it that we all take an interest in each other's progress

    (((hugs))) all round, you guys are the best!

    Hey DL - congrats on the half hour of work! I'm glad to hear that the juices (are there editing juices??) are starting to flow again

    Taylor, 'very good progress' sounds great!

    Day 23 - 1/2 page handwritten, a wee bit of work on the new project - almost gave myself a pass because:

    I DID MY TAXES - (or got them done for free by law students - still took 2 hours...) 2017 and *2016*. When I did my 2016 taxes I owed a lot because I was self employed without making enough to live off; I ended up using my estimated tax payments for rent… One of the law students, when he heard about being me being a '1099 employee' - I forget his exact words but he expressed a desire to go on a legal crusade against companies who pay employees as contractors. They were so nice & so helpful - & volunteers.

    Finished the W3 javascript unit I started yesterday - just a wee bit of work but -

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