Through Facebook, someone has become interested in hiring me to help them write 2 instruction manuals for an audio/visual course they're marketing. I still have details to gather, but the person asked how much I'd charge per word, stating that each "book" would be about 8000 words. My best guess is that he's asking for content and copy editing, along with some creative input. I emailed a bunch of specific questions and I'm waiting on the response. I told him I need more detail before I set a price, but I don't have a clue. He has a few other people he's talking with also.

Any advice? My gut told me $.40 per word (I get a sense the guy can afford it), but for a first timer with this kind of work - I'm not feeling completely on target with that.

Bottom line, I'd like to work with him, I need help in handling the offer to do so.