So this story has been mentioned in the #MeToo threads but I think it deserves its own thread because there are too many threads to the story that extend beyond what has been mentioned. Because the story is not limited to USA Gymnastics but also Canadian gymnastics as well. Perhaps our Australian and European friends can provide stories of what is going on in their respective countries. For those who want to read the story about what is happening in the United States, an ESPN article and a NYT article.

New York Times: The Price I Paid For Taking On Larry Nassar

ESPN: [Outside The Lines] Michigan State Secrets Extends Beyond Larry Nassar

What is less talked about is what is bussing around in Canadian gymnastics.

Washington Post: Canada's Director of Women's National Gymnastic Team Charged With 10 Sex Crimes (December 16, 2017)

CBC: Gymnastics Coach Michel Arsenault Under Investigation for Sexual Assaults

So no real insights on my part because I'm not associated with gymnastics but I am curious to hear from people who are involved.