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Thread: Books! Books! My Sock For Some Books!

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    Books! Books! My Sock For Some Books!

    This took me by surprise but I have actually almost run out of books to read on my Tablet. So now I need, desperately need some good books to re-stock on and if anyone has any ideas - please, please send their titles my way!

    What I want is - (List Edited)

    *Fantasy or Sci-fi

    *No YA, Grimdark, Supernatural, Urban, post-apocalyptic, horror, sad, end of life, slice of life, dark novels or anthologies, (not really my thing)

    *No vampires, werewolves, other were-creatures, nothing with things with too many eyeballs or zombies.

    *I would like something nice and filled with magic, fun sci-fi things, mythical creatures, nice characters (a must), cool spaceships, adventure, dragons, elves, magical swords...

    *Nothing that is like The Magicians (Like the tv show, hate the books), Malazan, Prince of Thorns or Game of Thrones.

    *Something like Discworld or The Deed of Paksenarrion or Pip and Flinx would be nice. Or something like Anne McCaffrey, Epic Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery, Riyria Revelations, Roger Zelazny, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Mercedes Lackey... Love all of these so something similar in feel would do nicely.

    *Completed series - I don't like waiting for a new book!

    Thank you all a bunch!
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