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Strongly disagree with your GF. Thought it was the best film of the year and was utterly stunned how little notice it got come awards season (especially as it won so many film festival awards). It's not the same kind of film as TANGERINE and I'm not sure why they need to be compared aside from it being the same creative team. Anyway, I get that you obviously trust your GF's opinion, but I am crazy passionate about the movie and hate to see it dismissed without you even having seen it yet. It's a masterpiece in my opinion.
Crazy passionate is good. I'm actually fairly indifferent to her thoughts one way or another, it was curious to me she was the one naysayer so far and I wanted to get the general opinion. Tangerine was personal to me, it's filmed in my neighborhood and shows a respect and understanding for that community I really appreciate. There's always that unhelpful, risk-averse feeling when you sense an artist you love moving away from what you love them for. But mos def, I was always planning on seeing it and now I think I gotta.