I wrote about National Handwriting Day for the AW blog. It's a day that the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association has sponsored annually since 1977.

I've been writing a lot by hand for the last year, because keyboarding hurts and sometimes it helps to alternate. And I don't have the world's greatest Internet access at present. I've been sending out a lot of postcards too the last year, in part because I'm away from from friends and in part because it's fun. There's a lot of emphasis on handwriting = cursive in the popular press. As a customary printer, I want to point out that printing counts, and that the earliest forms of writing preserved in European manuscripts were in fact "print" letters, that is, letters that are constructed to stand alone, rather than "joined" or cursive forms of writing in which the letters connect to each other.

That said, I've been working on improving my cursive, in part because it's good for brain-hand coordination, and in part, because I'm envious of my friends who have beautiful handwriting.

I'm planning on celebrating National Handwriting Day by sending out some extra cards, or more specifically, postcards. Anyone want to join me?

AWers who want a postcard, PM me an address.