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Thread: After the 2018 Server Move: Please Check The First Post

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    After the 2018 Server Move: Please Check The First Post

    First, thanks for your patience.

    Second, I'll be turning the forums off intermittently for a few days so I can fix things. That means, don't post your only copy of something because if I turn the forum off mid-post, you might lose it.

    We have, with the help of Scott Hawkins (shawkins):

    • Moved to a slightly faster and more robust server.
    • Indexed old posts so they'll show on Profiles (Use the Google search box at the bottom of the page for more accurate and speedy searching)
    • Upgraded the forum software.
    • Added SSL certificates, so https will work.

    What's Still Happening

    • I've turned the forums back on earlier that I'd like; I'm still tweaking things.
    • I will be turning them off intermittently as I work for a few days.
    • The forums will look different for a bit; I'm going to be installing some new templates.
    • That will take time.
    • I'm still fixing small glitches. Please be patient.

    Everyone Should Do These Two Things

    Thing One: Clearing Cookies and Cache
    • Make sure you know your Password and Username.
    • Log off
    • Clear Cookies and Cache
    • Completely Quit your Web browser, closing all windows.
    • Log back on to AW.
    • Click the little box that says "Remember me?" on the top right of the AW window if you want to stay logged in.

    Thing Two: Editing Bookmarks, Shortcuts or Favorites

    With the change from http to https, you should edit your AW bookmarks, favorites and shortcuts (and any other links pointing to AW like your Homepage setting if if AW is your Homepage) to use https:

    • Just add the s after http, changing the URL from http: to https:
    • The old URL will work, but your Web browser may complain that the site is "insecure." It isn't.

    Glitches I'm Working On and Know About

    • Sigs can't be edited. Fixed.
    • Posts can't be edited even during the edit period. Fixed
    • The New Posts link isn't behaving as expected; This one is . . . complicated, and might not be possible to restore exactly the way it was. This is partially fixed; I'm waiting for some new data from vBulletin.
    • Subscribed Threads aren't behaving as expected. Still working on this.
    • Cosmetic issues in terms of the design/colors of the forum. Things like the Rep blobs; it's an easy fix but won't matter when I install shiny new templates, so I'm making it a low priority.
    • Mobile access—the update kinda hosed the templates, so pretty much nothing is quite right. I'm probably to spend my energy on the new mobile templates rather than fixing ones that will be replaced, but I am looking and fixing what I can.

    Ways You Can Help

    I'll update this post as things evolve. Thanks again.
    Last edited by AW Admin; 01-31-2018 at 07:23 PM. Reason: Update and linkage

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