I have a question about the inclusion of a filler syllable at the end of a word to enhance the rhythmic pattern of a song lyric. The lyric quoted below uses a single space between "look" and "a" as if they are separate words. To me, the inclusion of the indefinite article "a" makes for an awkward read. As performed, the "look" and "a" are vocally merged to create a two syllable word that fits the rhythm of the song.

"make you look a just like me"

I prefer an easier reading option that is more consistent with the manner in which the song is performed. Some printed song lyrics merge the filler syllable into the preceding word itself, although in this example that would not read well.

Would either of the following modifications make for easier reading? If not, how would you enhance readability if you did not have the option to change the lyric?

make you look-a just like me
make you look'a just like me