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Thread: How to make a goodie-goodie character complex, deep, and interesting?

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    How to make a goodie-goodie character complex, deep, and interesting?

    I have one character who is bugging me right now. I'm not 100% satisfied with her depth of character and internal conflict. It occurred to me that I'm struggling with her because... her life is not that bad.

    How do you make pure, sheltered, lawful good characters interesting? I get off on writing twisted, broken characters, who have had all their loved ones murdered before their eyes and/or are missing body parts, so, the light side has me stumped.

    My character is super quirky. But quirky alone is not enough. She finds out later on that she has a disturbing heritage. But that's later and I want to make her interesting before that. (She does acquire dark powers from demon sex, but not until the third book.) The plot in the first book hinges on her purity, so it has to remain (relatively) intact.

    One thing my character does is always say no and stand her ground. I feel like this aspect is the CLOSEST I am to having her developed to the degree I want, but it's still not enough.

    I'm trying to think of goody goody gumdrop characters that I personally found interesting, and I'm drawing blanks. There was Collette Brunel - but even she literally kicked a puppy, and she had no character growth until after she kicked that puppy.

    How do you GROW your pure characters without destroying their purity? Can you make something interesting and compelling without breaking it? (That sounds like a challenge, right?)

    (Edit: maybe she needs to run away from home)
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