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I couldn't find anything that referred to the weight of the pen. I'm a bit odd in that I do like a pen with a good heft too it so it feels like there's something of substance, guess it's from having rather big hands. I can't find ball or gel pens that fit that bill all too often, and when I do I usually can't find the refills for them.
The Metropolitans have a metal body; they do have some heft, but they're not too unwieldy to use with the cap posted (i.e. on the opposite end of the pen from the nib).

If you're looking for a heavy but affordable fountain pen, the Chinese Jinhao 450 or X450 might be a good option. It's almost too heavy for me, especially with the cap posted. But it's often available on Ebay for under $3.00.

The nib on the Jinhao is a standard #6 nib, and so if you like the pen but not the nib, all sorts of places sell nibs that you can swap.