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Thread: 2018 AW Erotica Writing Challenge

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    Lightbulb 2018 AW Erotica Writing Challenge

    Welcome to the AbsoluteWrite Erotica Writing Challenge of 2018, open to all. Whether you write erotic fiction already, have toyed with the idea, or would do it only if poked with a pitchfork, this could be a fun and useful stretch of your skill set as a writer.

    On or near the first day of each month, I will post at least six writing prompts here in the public part of the Erotica board, which has no password. (We're all mindful that kids can easily see what we post here, right?) Any writer can pick one (or more) of the prompts and write a story which meets its requirement.

    If you like, that can be the end of it. You reply to the thread giving the month's prompts, announce you wrote something and on which prompt, receive congratulations, and call it done, never showing it to anyone. Or you can post the resulting story on the password-protected board at Share Your Work - Erotica (see this to get the password, if you don't have it) and get qualified feedback on your story. If you do not want critique, please don't post your work.

    Nobody has to post their story, and nobody should post an erotic work anywhere at AbsoluteWrite besides Share Your Work - Erotica, which requires you to have the password and 50 posts. (Critiquing the work of others is a great way to get there--and you'll learn a lot, too.)

    Reminder: Moderators do not distribute the password. You get that by stating your are 21 or older and asking for the password in a private message to AW Admin or MacAllister.

    Maryn, hoping a lot of us will give it a try

    Edit: Here is a list of each month's prompts

    1. 200 words, exactly.
    2. Takes place entirely in a car or the cab of a truck with the doors shut and the windows rolled up.
    3. One character is recovering from a major injury a wears a cast, neck brace, or similar impediment.
    4. An important character is nonbinary, genderfluid, or transgender.
    5. The ending is decidedly not a happy one.
    6. A demanding authority figure is the antagonist.
    7. A hybrid of erotica and mystery.

    1. No adjectives. None. Zero.
    2. Set in an alternate history, in which a major event in world history went the other way, i.e., the South won the Civil War, Napoleon or Genghis Khan achieved his goals, Rome never fell.
    3. Characters who are not (yet) sexual partners are snowed in at an isolated cabin or lodge which contains what they need to survive.
    4. The same scene twice, from different points of view.
    5. Involves two concepts that always appear together: hot and cold, war and peace, up and down, large and small...
    6. A very small space.
    7. 200 words, exactly.

    1. Written from the point of view of an animal who witnesses humans having sex.
    2. An important discovery or invention is a major plot point.
    3. Set in the US wild west.
    4. Involves a law enforcement official, any sex, any level, any organization.
    5. POV character has four or more children whose existence impacts plot.
    6. Gender of participants isn't made clear.
    7. Cybersex via text messages, no images, emojis, etc.
    8. 200 words, exactly.

    1. An unreliable narrator.
    2. One character is a (fictional) celebrity whose fame or notoriety impacts the other(s).
    3. A holiday or special event goes wrong but ends right.
    4. Written in first person present tense.
    5. Shape-shifter is a main character.
    6. A case of mistaken identity.
    7. An animal affects the plot. It can be domesticated or wild. (No bestiality allowed, remember.)
    8. 150 words, exactly

    1. A scene in which two characters meet in an unusual way—and both feel strong attraction right away.
    2. Sex scene takes place outdoors.
    3. Sex scene reveals at least one character has a psychic or paranormal ability.
    4. Involves a birthday party.
    5. 980 to 1020 words.
    6. Set at least 150 years ago, anywhere in the world.
    7. Military setting, any military, any era, any place.
    8. 250 words, exactly.
    9. From the point of view of a non-human sentient creature or being.
    10. Sex scene takes place entirely in complete darkness.
    11. Sex scene involves exhibitionism.
    12. 500 words, exactly.

    1.No use of to be verbs in present or past tenses allowed: no is, are, was, were.
    2. Water is important in the plot and/or setting
    3. A wedding--but not of the main character
    4. Set in an active war zone, in any part of the world, any time period.
    5. Starts with a huge argument.
    6. A surprise during sex.
    7. One character is a "fish out of water," uneasy in and unfamiliar with his or her situation.
    8. Within 25 words of 300; anywhere from 275 to 325 words.
    9. 400 words, exactly.
    10. About 1000 words.
    11. Allergies figure in.
    12. Incorporates diversity in characters.

    1. A scene--just a scene, not a whole story--that's all dialogue. Limit tags to [Name] said, and use tags only if necessary. Try not to.
    2. Describe a character, either in a chunk of prose or during a scene. Limit this to 300 words or so. No story required, just the description.
    3. Characters are hikers camping in isolated rugged area.
    4. POV character watches a sexual act but does not participate.
    5. Main pairing is in a "forbidden" relationship (remember, no minors, bestiality other than shape shifters, etc.).
    6. 200 words, exactly--less than one double-spaced page. Test your editing mettle.
    7. Includes as an important or main character a person with a physical disability.
    8. Present tense.
    9. Set in a tightly confined place, such as a voting booth, airplane toilet, etc.
    10. Takes place during WWII.
    11. A scene in which your character(s) takes a bath. Bubbles optional.

    1. 500 words exactly.
    2. Involves as an important character or figure from a well-known fairy tale.
    3. Set the year the author was born, in the city, town, or area in which the author was born.
    4. Heat wave, with record high temperatures affecting the plot and/or characters
    5. Main character is an engineer, any kind.
    6. Characters are over sixty.
    7. Set in a post-apocalyptic world.
    8. Setting description only; no character’s actions that matter. Limit to about 300 words.
    9. A scene that takes place on a boat, any size, on any body of water.
    10. Involves a first responder: police officer, firefighter, EMT or paramedic, water or mountain rescuer, etc.
    11. Conversation between lovers sharing a meal.

    1. Written in second person, any verb tense.
    2. Plot depends on fire, flood, or famine.
    3. Revolves around the preparation and consumption of food.
    4. Set anywhere in the world during the 17th or 18th Century (1600s - 1800).
    5. One important character is a rock star or a successful classical musician.
    6. A married person has "run away from home."
    7. Set in a jail, prison, stockade, detention center, concentration camp, or other place of confinement.
    8. Under 250 words--that's less than one double-spaced page in Courier.
    9. A character receives care after a serious injury.
    10. Set shortly before, during, or just after a hurricane.
    11. The main coupling includes a professional athlete and a person who isn't especially athletic.
    12. A sex scene taking place on a boat or ship, any size, any type.

    1. Written from the POV of someone who is not living, in the conventional sense of the word.
    2. Characters make use of one or more sex toys.
    3. Set in a tropical paradise--at least it looks that way.
    4. A ghost, witch, or vampire is important to plot.
    5. A felony drives the plot forward.
    6. Set 50 years in the future.
    7. Involves a bad dog or a bad dog owner.
    8. Takes place in a cemetery.
    9. The main character is sopping wet through the entire story or scene.
    10. Explores a legal kink appropriate for posting at AW. (Not allowed: Posts containing sexualized violence, non-consensual sexual situations, or underage characters in sexual situations.)
    11. Involves a virgin over the age of thirty.
    12. Is less than 250 words (one page double-spaced in many fonts).

    1. POV character has a strong ethnic or regional accent which infuses the story's voice.
    2. Sex scene happens in a moving mode of transportation (plane, train, car, boat, ship, canoe, carriage, dogsled)
    3. Set any time during the first thirty years of the 20th Century, anywhere in the world.
    4. Includes a fortune teller or tarot reader.
    5. A wedding night holds a surprise.
    6. Main character is a professional athlete.
    7. Characters struggle to find privacy.
    8. Virtually all dialogue, with tags only as necessary, no exposition.
    9. An arguments is resolved with sex.
    10. A vain character prepares for a date s/he hopes ends with sex.
    11. 1111 words, just because. That's about four double-spaced pages.
    12. At least one character communicates only by mail, email, text, ASL, or other non-verbal means.

    1. Choose Your Own Adventure structure.
    2. Set on a remote island where there are no people other than the characters.
    3. Solo sex is fully satisfying.
    4. Strangers who may never meet again are the main characters.
    5. Set in a casino or other gambling establishment.
    6. An unexpected gift is important to the plot.
    7. God, a god, or several gods are important characters.
    8. Characters are traveling for holidays.
    9. Siblings learn something about one another's sexual preferences.
    10. 200 words, exactly.
    11. Involves someone dressed as either Santa or Satan.
    12. A brush with celebrity (not an actual celebrity, please).
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