Hello 2018! We’ve been waiting for you. And we’ve been waiting for the 2018 AW Reading Challenge.

As in prior years, each us chooses 12 books from a list of categories to read and discuss throughout the year. We each read our own 12, unless you have titles in common and want to discuss; that would be quite cool.

Please read the sticky in this forum regarding spoilers.

Siri had a wonderful idea to switch things up, and so you can choose from two options:

1) Breadth: Choose one book from each of 12 categories below that interest you


2) Depth: Choose 3 books within each of 4 categories. Or, choose 4 groups of 3 books by the same author in the same or different categories.

Feel free to get creative and come up with your own ways to group them. Any way you want to come up with your 12 books is fine. The only way to do it wrong is to forget to have fun.

1. Get on with it already: A book that’s been on your TBR (to be read) list for over a year.
2. Freebies: A book you (legally) obtained without paying for.
3. Setting sail: A book taking place mostly or all on water.
4. I remember that!: A book about a historical event that took place in your lifetime.
5. My hometown: A book by a local author.
6. Locked up: A book taking place in a prison, mental institution or treatment center.
7. Seasons in the Sun: A book with one of the four seasons, a month, or a day of the week in the title.
8. Bits and pieces: An anthology (poetry, short stories, whatever).
9. Namesakes: A book by an author who shares your first or last name (maiden name counts).
10. Out of this world: A book taking place in space or on another planet.
11. Vast critical acclaim: A book that has won a prestigious award.
12. Support the home team: A book by a fellow AWer (Click on the “AW Amazon Store” link above).
13. Three-color mythology: A graphic novel or comic book.
14. Anyward, ho!: A travel novel (any genre).
15. Still time for more chapters: A memoir/biography by/about someone who’s still alive (as of January 1).
16. Flights of fancy: A book in which airplanes figure prominently.
17. Tuesdays with Balaam’s Ass: A book with a non-human (animal or fantastic creature) main character.
18. Peekaboo I see you: A book you saw someone else reading in public.
19. What your great-grandparents read: A book written more than 75 years before you were born.
20. Upstaged: A play.
21. Loose ends: A book you started last year and haven’t yet finished.
22. No hablo: A book originally written in another language (i.e., a translation).
23. Team effort: A book by more than one author.
24. War is hell: A book about war, on the lines or the homefront, fiction or nonfiction.
25. I’ve met them!: A book by someone you have seen in person (either know, seen at a book fair, heard at a speaking engagement, in line at the ATM, whatever).
26. No Cliff Notes this time: A book that’s required reading in most high schools but that you never read.
27. Learn the Quadrille: A regency romance.
28. Do you read about the land down under?: A book about or taking place in Australia, New Zealand or Pacific Islands.
29. Keep up with the Joneses: A book by someone everyone else seems to have read but you have not.
30. Lol random: Go to Gutenberg.org, click “Book Search,” click “Random” and pick any of the books that show up. http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/sear...t_order=random
31. Just the facts, Ma’am: Nonfiction on any subject.
32. Howdy, stranger: A book about immigrants or immigration, or with an immigrant main character.
33. Where is that, again?: A book about a place you know little about.
34. Who was that, again?: A book about a person you know little about.
35. Doorstoppers: A book more than 600 pages.
36. A real scream: A horror novel.
37. Happy days are here again: A book published since 1945.
38. Coming to a theater near you: A book made into a major motion picture.
39. Feast your ears on this: Listen to an audiobook.
40. Out of the park on first at-bat: A debut.
41. Run for the border: A book about or taking place in Central or South America.
42. You might also like. . . : A book recommended by library or bookstore staff, online or in person.
43. That old black magic: A paranormal novel.
44. Better known for . . .: A book by someone who’s more famous for something other than writing.
45. God’s mansion has many rooms: A book based in a religion not your own.
46. Not available in stores: Beta read someone’s unpublished work.
47. I know exactly where that is!: A book taking place in a location you know well.
48. The butler might have done it: A mystery.
49. Pixies and Dryads and Elves, oh my!: A high fantasy.
50. Like a novel, only real: Creative nonfiction.

And optional, just for fun:

51. Tag, you’re it!: Choose one person who replied in this thread to pick your 13th book from any category (no need to reciprocate but fun if you do!)