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Thread: The 2018 AW Reading Challenge. Now with added breadth and depth.

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    Great to see so much progress, everyone!

    Another one in the books (pun intended) for me: What Unites Us by Dan Rather. It's a pretty straightforward collection of essays on Rather's musings on patriotism. Largely autobiographical, Rather addresses various topics such as the environment, public schooling, science, the arts, etc. As much of an optimist as I try to be, I found Rather's optimism inspiring at times but more often, well, I'm not sure if naive is the word I'm looking for, or nostalgic, or perhaps I'm just finding myself wishing I could be as optimistic as he is. I was much more inspired when I saw him speak earlier this winter, but the writing and his philosophy I found not very challenging or innovative. He tries to connect things to current events, but offers few solutions other than "remember who we used to be and could be again." I don't think we'll be talking about this book in another five years, so I'm going to rate it "meh" at 2.5 of 5 stars.

    A play.
    1. The Book of Mormon by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt Stone Done
    2. A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry
    3. The Iceman Cometh by Eugene O'Neill

    I’ve met them!: A book by someone you have seen in person
    4. What Unites Us by Dan Rather Done
    5. Luka and the Fire of Life by Salman Rushdie Done
    6. The Ninth Hour by Alice McDermott

    You might also like. . . : A book recommended by library or bookstore staff, online or in person.
    7. The Collector by John Fowles Done
    8. Sapphira and the Slave Girl by Willa Cather
    9. The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov

    I know exactly where that is!: A book taking place in a location you know well (Washington, DC).
    10. It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis Done
    11. Cane by Jean Toomer
    12. The Beautiful Things that Heaven Bears by Dinaw Mengestu Done
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    Join any time! The 2018 Reading Challenge is going on all year. Make this your best reading year ever!

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