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This is my second post on the forum, so forgive any missteps!

I'm working on a motion picture series called Truth Warrior. It's an original cinematic universe of twelve screenplays, all focused on promoting positive values in society while generating entertainment that people still want to see. I wrote all twelve treatments and a couple of the screenplays, but I'm collaborating with several professional screenwriters on the rest of the project. It's turning out great. The concept artist I found is really helping me visualize things as well. This is going to be a lifelong project that I produce myself (first film is shooting this year as a short). I also have other stories that are standalone or not part of the series. So, here are my stats:

Duration: 5 1/2 years, and counting
Stories written: 27
Screenplays completed: 7
Pages written: 1,000+
Submissions: 2
Rejections: 1
Pending: 1
Collaborators: 4

I got the kindest rejection letter of my life from Disney. The other studio I sent a proposal to is still looking at it. Will check back in as I make progress.
Welcome to the thread. I find its a great habit to get into to report progress weekly (it also inspires to actually do something LOL)