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Thread: Need advice about a scene that might be risque...

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    Red face Need advice about a scene that might be risque...

    So my novel has over 29,000 words. I didn't set out to do it, but the characters have morphed part of the plot into a romance. It is turning out very unconventional in that it is taking my genre into a direction I have not seen before. My goal is to describe the full human condition in that I want to explore: Love, Desire, Desperation, Fear, Hope, Happiness, Sadness, Regret.

    I apologize for being cryptic of the full scenario of my novel. This could be great. This may be paranoid, but I worry about having my idea taken. It will take a long time to finish to get correct.

    My writing is becoming arrested. I am having fears about certain scenes within my novel. I worry that fans of my genre will reject it.

    The Scene in question:
    The town is in chaos. The Heroine of the novel saves the Hero's life but sustains injuries in the process. Both arms sprained. She cannot make it home. Grateful for his life, he takes her to his home. They find each other attractive. A day passes. Using strategic towel placement and closed eyes, he helps her in taking a bath. No, he is a gentleman, he does not look. He's tempted...but he doesn't.

    Yes, this does seem juvenile. But I am not so sure. AT NO POINT IS THERE ANY HUMILIATION WHATSOEVER. She is a doctor. She has given many exams to men. The vulnerability of being in their situation makes her humble. The way I see it, the scene would build trust any some intimacy. Remember the town and its citizens are in a chaotic situation. In dire times, people's attitudes towards modesty are flexible. The entire scene is also very symbolic of the plot of the story which I am uncomfortable to explain.

    Also, the scene leads up hilarity, since his daughter comes home and embarrasses her dad. "Um, dad. We do have a few beds around here. You don't have to do it in the bathroom," type jokes.

    My questions:
    1. Has anyone ever seen a situation like this in a romance novel? If so, name of book?
    2. Could this be romantic?
    3. Is this Juvenile?
    4. Is this a bad idea?
    5. Should I go with the buff? Or should she keep on her underwear?
    6. Should I say that her parents were nudist, and she grew up that way?
    7. Is this even conceivable?
    8. Um...I hesitate to ask, but what if she needed feminine hygiene help?

    I am clueless. I don't know the rules. This scene might be silly, but it seems important to my story.

    Thank you so much!
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