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Thread: Foxy Visitors (Warning: Large Photos!)

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    A link to this thread reminded me that I haven't updated in a bit.

    After an absence of about a week and a half, Little Girl and Big Boy started showing up in the yard again, and both have been in and out on a semi-regular basis ever since. Last year about this time fox kits made their first appearances, but thus far I haven't seen any. Little Girl's teats aren't showing any more, so I'm afraid her babies might have died, or she didn't have any viable ones. This makes me very sad, but it may explain why she and Big Boy disappeared for a while.

    During the time when they both went missing, I had an array of unfamiliar foxes visit the yard: one with a stump of a tail ("Stumpy," naturally), one big female with engorged teats, and another fox with a bare strip halfway down its tail (my husband named that one "Ringo"). Now that LG and BB are back, it's as if they've reclaimed their territory and the other foxes make only rare appearances. The exception is a frail-looking fox with a patchy coat. I called it "Scruffy" because it looked so down-at-heel when it started showing up: it was shaky on its legs, thin enough that its ears looked overlarge and its shanks sort of caved-in, and sometimes carried itself so its back is slightly arched. It was that last attribute that made me look at it more closely, because it is so reminiscent of the way Wisp (my very mangy fox from last year) used to carry herself. I am wondering (hoping, actually) that Scruffy may actually be Wisp, and that the patchy appearance of her coat may be because she's beaten the mange at last and her fur is finally filling in. Regardless, this fox has been looking much better in the several weeks it's been dining in the yard.

    As you can see, Scruffy's coloration is patchy overall, her tail is a bit thin, and her fur across the shoulders is fairly short, as if it's new growth. Since this May 1st shot was captured, she's been moving much more easily (her hind quarters seemed stiff and the camera actually caught her stumbling once - something foxes just don't do), so I'm hoping getting good, regular meals is helping her - especially if Scruffy is, indeed, Wisp.
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