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Thread: Foxy Visitors (Warning: Large Photos!)

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    Foxy Visitors (Warning: Large Photos!)

    For the past six years or so, we've had the occasional red fox sighting in our neighborhood, and occasionally even had them appear in our back yard. This winter, however, we suddenly seem to be overjoyed with them. This may be because I feed birds - which means, against my will, I am also feeding gray squirrels - which the foxes view as a tasty treat when they can get one (with my full blessing).

    About a month ago, however, I spotted a mangy young fox in the yard. This is Wisp:

    A day or two later I spotted Patch, who has a bare spot on her/his right shoulder which may or may not also be mange.

    Within a week I spotted still another fox, which I called Shine because of its beautiful coat. Shine doesn't appear to have mange:

    And on Christmas Day, we were visited by a fourth fox. This one's left hind leg is either badly dislocated or broken, so the fox can't put weight on it. I call it Hop:

    I contacted a wildlife rehabber about Wisp, and she informed me that animal control will catch foxes, but only to euthanize them since the fox is a rabies vector species. Local ordinances prevent both the trapping of foxes (which means the rehabbers can't help them), and even though there's medicine readily available to treat sarcoptic mange (which is rampant in the local fox population), it can only legally be administered by a vet. So there's the Catch-22; you can't trap a fox to take it to the vet for the meds - not even if you're a rehabber. Local law prohibits the feeding of foxes as well.

    I am normally a law-abiding citizen, but I can only stand by so long and watch wild things suffer. So without going into detail, let me just say I'm doing what I can.

    Neither my husband nor I want to make "pets" of these wild things, and we are trying to both keep our distance and not make them dependent on handouts. We do enjoy watching them and to that end my husband gave me an infrared trail camera for Christmas. We've gotten some lovely photos and videos in the past two days.

    Anyone else have foxy visitors?
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