I've opened up shop a week ago, finally published my very first novel called "No Heroes." You can check it out by clicking on the link on my signature.

But I'll use this thread as a journal for my self-publishing venture. There's a wealth of information in here, threads of other authors beginning their journey, experiencing failures and finding success.


To start, I finally opened a PO Box for my mailing list. I hear that mailing lists are crucial for the self-published author. I still need to set it up and also decide what type of content I can provide. I was thinking of writing a collection of short stories for the No Heroes universe, and offer that as a freebie for signing up to my list. We'll see. I already have some ideas of what the short stories will be, which is kind of exciting since I've been imagining them in my head rather than writing them down.

If I decide to write this collection of shorts, then I have to delay revising the second novel. Hmmm.... decisions, decisions.