I am new to this community, but I want to help other writers as much as they help me. I have done extensive research into literary agents, and currently I am preparing individualized query letters for each one on my list. Anybody with questions, feel free to send me a private message.

This is my situation: I have a small Canadian Publishing Company interested in my book, right. If this company did want to publish my book (ebook form, mind you) would this sort of information be worthy of mentioning as a credential in a query letter to a New York agent. I was advised to leave this information out and I did just that on my first query letter. I have not been rejected yet, but you know how that goes. Literary agents are a hard bunch to please, and a query letter sometimes is really not enough room to pitch your idea, but I have managed to keep mine to a page and a half so far. Do you think a New York agent would be impressed with my query letter more if I included this information; explaining that I wanted to shop my book around the US Markets before I accept a deal from a small Canadian Press? I need an expert's advice; are there any on here?