Racial diversity in media is very important to me, as is accurate representation. The play I'm posting about is problematic in various ways, and it's supposed to be. It's a group of women talking about their addiction and how it affects their relationships. Boom, fails the Bechdel test immediately. In order to accurately portray discussion about these addictions and consequences of them, again, the content was problematic. However, the fact that the cast will be multiracial isn't supposed to be problematic. When actors read the play back to me, that was the exact thing that happened. They got the coding for what I was -trying- to do, but I wound up doing the opposite. I tried contacting a few of them for more description, but never heard back.
I plan to post the play scene-by-scene in the SYW thread because I need feedback in any case, but working with sensitivity readers is also paramount. The play is fifty-five pages long. I don't know how long it runs, but the original was eighty pages long and clocked in at over two hours. After the actors read it to me, I cut twenty-three pages out.
Any advice on finding sensitivity readers is appreciated!