What's been said about finding the right narrator. Two of my novels were done by a narrator with a deep voice who sounded bored to death and kept mispronouncing a character's name. I couldn't bear to listen to him after five minutes. The next batch of books had a younger sounding man, who made the words fresh again, doing a bang-up job. I am a fan.

I discussed doing indie audio books with a friend who knows the business, but it's just too expensive for me. If you can afford it, invest in the right "voice" for the work by listening to samples of books the site.

Years back I was thrilled to see a favorite hard boiled mystery novel read by Donald Sutherland. Seemed a natural, perfect choice--until listening. He read it like a stumbling first-grader, over-pronouncing, and with no difference in delivery between different characters. Couldn't finish.

Then there was Roddy McDowell. OMG, he was magnificent, approaching books the same as he would a theatrical performance. Different voice and cadence for each character, nailed accents, it was a work of art.

Find a narrator who can act the parts and who sounds like your character. Well worth it!