You are waffling. Goals are the end target of every character, chapter or scene - they all have goals, or a purpose.

Forget about technical gobbledy-gook. Get to the point, and start your story without waffling around it.

If all your characters are doing for 250 pages is 'getting to where something actually happens or to where they start to DO something' it sounds pretty dull.

Setting-up is - groundwork, background, setting the scene, setting up- if it goes on and on it is boring.

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I think I started this thread a bit unclearly. What I meant, was that the goals are already set from the very beginning, the 50000 words are basically the central group of characters getting to that point in which the goals start being fulfilled and stuff.. I don't know if that's called "setting up" or anything else, but I might have used really unclear phrases.
EDIT: By setting up, I mean the first act (part of the three acts often used in screenplay, but also novels).