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Actually, the loop on the one shoe got caught on one of the grommet/higher up hook thingies for tightening laces around ankles on the other shoe (winter snow boots). Which meant when I tried to take a normal step, it meant face plant.
That has happened to me with my hiking boots more than once. Summer Job once gave me the call sign Gravity. *Pulls out wine bottle and glasses so we can all forget embarrassment together*
And yeah...I dropped my tub of yogurt in the wine aisle last week...

Edits are going well, buuut I found two potential plot holes. One is a why did they do that? and the other is a why didn't they do that? The former I think I play off with the characters having no idea why the <redacted> is <redacted> instead of <redacted> and hey, sequel plot! The latter I'm not so sure about. I know a way to address it, but it would require so much more story to be added, and this is already longer than I planned *has visions of another Sisyphus turning into a novel*