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*plot bunny wiggles nose*

God dammit.

*hurls carrots toward Wink's cabin*
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*sets up the invisible fence around Wink's cabin, trapping the carrot-inebriated bunnies*

*walks away whistling innocently*
I'll have you know I tripped over the damn carrots.

Seriously, I tripped over my own shoelaces leaving the grocery store tonight. Cracked my knees on the hard floor, groceries scattering everywhere in crazy embarrassing slow-mo. I can't make this stuff up.

~Winks, who may or may not have made it home before she turned into a small sobbing child, and is now icing her knees and yelling at her husband every time he points out a snowboarder who biffs it. But she does have tea. And soon wine.

*glares at carrots*
*finds slingshot for plot bunnies*
*watches plot bunnies scream and run from gimpy writer*
*mutters in rocking chair*