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Just so you know, when I click on your FB page from your signature, it doesn't open to the page. It says "site can't be reached". It would be good to fix your Twitter name in your signature too--to make it clickable.
Good call. All fixed now. Thanks!

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I thought it was pretty good, short and sweet, but is it a real doll in the story? People might be assuming that, so maybe explaining what the title means.
It's explained in the book.

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One thing you could do is hold on the book title longer, and then on the links as well.

I did a "making of" for a video I did, and you tube allows you to add links the the video you can click on. It's in their own editing after you post. You may need each link on a separate screen, as I don't know if you add more that one at a time--it's been a while.
I don't have enough views (or money) to add the cards yet. I'll keep working on it.