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Thread: Currently Inked: What Pen and Ink are you currently using?

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    Once I started with fountain pens, I realized how much I had hated writing with a pen just because I had to put so much pressure on ballpoint pens. A couple of times I've been without my fountain pen at work, and I dread when I have to write with ballpoints now.

    I'm a fan of the Pilot Metropolitan (MR2) as well. I now have two. I replaced my Platinum Preppy with a TWSBI Diamond 580AL (silver) because I didn't like the scratchiness or the flow from the Preppy. The Preppy is an okay pen as a starter to see if you can handle the rigmarole of fountain pens, but I'd recommend the Metropolitan any day.

    I really like that Monteverde California Teal. I've standardized around green for my all-purpose ink. I'll have to keep that one in mind when my 60+ml of Pelikan 4001 Brililant Green runs out.

    And here's the whole family. I haven't played around with paper too much yet, just Rhodia, Life (L!FE) Noble, and Tomoe River. My preference is Rhodia's 90g/m2 ivory paper (see the pic above and left below).

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